See what Michael Vickers, the author of the best seller "Becoming Preferred - How To Outsell Your Competition" has to say about building relationships with your customers 

If you're looking for new business,start building
relationships with your old customers....

Tomorrow's business can only come from one of two places:
Either customers who know you or strangers who don't.
Shouldn't part of your marketing budget be devoted to the people
that you already know?

So much of your marketing budget today is targeted at the general public. Marketing to your circle of clients, family and friends has many distinct advantages overadvertising to the general public.    First of all it gets seen and read.  People who already know you or have done business with you are more likely to read and pay attention to your message.

And since you’re cultivating a long term relationship with them, they’re more likely to act on and refer you to their family and friends.   And how exactly do you market to your clients?

Simple, by giving Successful Image a call.  We will send personalized, first-class cards, brochuresand other printed media on your behalf directly to your clients.  
Send them a card on their birthday and the family a card at Christmas.  
A thank you card after the sale.  An appreciative card expressing your thanks at Thanksgiving.   Or personalize a promotion directly to them.
All personalized and reflecting you and your business.  And we can do it all for you
for just a few dollars a month.   Being able to count on your customers for
future business AND referrals is the foundation for any successful business. But that won’t happen without ongoing contact with them, personalized contact.

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